The E-Lab develops and assembles special equipment for all departments, for example the   PA system in the   Curt-Sachs-Saal or easy to use acoustic stations (»CD-towers«) which were especially designed for the museum. These towers provided the visitor with the sound of selected exhibited instruments.

Designs of the E-Lab

  • Statistical level analyzer for the statistic analysis of instrument sounds (1968)
  • Semantic differential analyzer as a scaling device for the capture of psychometric data (1969)
  • Wavetable function generator for the optional generation of complex audio signals (1971)
  • Sound control device for electronic live music (1973)
  • Programmable analogue filter (1974)
  • Improved, automatic Semantic differential analyzer (1975)
  • Digital, micro-controller operated Statistical level analyzer (1976)
  • Frequency counter for the measurement of short sounds (1977)
  • Tone pitch experiment for the analysis of problems of musical tunings (1979)
  • Design of the reverberation system for the lecture hall in the new building of the SIM (until 1989)
  • »Tape-Towers« for the Musikinstrumenten-Museum (1986)
  • »CD-towers« for the Musikinstrumenten-Museum (1993)
  • A new reverberation system for the   Curt-Sachs-Saal (since 1998)