A new venue for modern jazz in the »Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin« has emerged in April 2006. Every last Thursday of the month, a free concert in the series JAZZ IM MIM is performed in cooperation with the Berlin Composer's Association. The design of the musical program is in the hands of the musician and the composer Hannes Zerbe.

JAZZ IM MIM would like to take credit for the increasing number of performance opportunities for jazz ensembles. The commitment of the Berlin Composer's Association is explained by its structure, in which the most varied genres are represented, from contemporary music to pop. Among the members are a number of well-known jazz musicians and composers, who now have a platform available to them in the »Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin«. Since 2010, the year has been run out with an End of the Year Special.

Thankfully, the Cultural Administration of the »Berliner Senat« supports the project.

Jazz im MIM 2017/2

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