The »Musikinstrumenten-Museum Berlin« collects instruments of the European classical music tradition from the 16th to the 21th century. At this time the museum owns nearly 3.500 instruments, many of which are playable. About 800 instruments are on display in the permanent exhibition. In its diversity it is one of the most representative collections in Germany.

The complete collection has been made accessible through   special scholarly catalogues and other publications related to the study of musical instruments as well as the   Jahrbuch (Yearbook) of the Institute. The research conducted in the   restoration laboratories is published in the form of   technical drawings. In addition, the   recording series and   museum concerts document the activities of scholars and restorers with the collection’s historic instruments.

Guide Sheets

The flutes of the european art musik

On the history of the clavichords

On the history of the fortepiano

The instruments of the St. Wenzel Church in Naumburg

The harpsichord: national differenzes

The Harp

Automatic Musical Instruments in Bar and Salon

The hurdy-gurdy

Hommage to Curt Sachs

Musical instruments from the sphere Frederick II of Prussia

The Mighty Wurlitzer

The Musikinstrumenten-Museum

Electronic Musical Instrumente