Picture Gallery MIM Highlights


The Mighty Wurlitzer with console and three wind chambers at the gallery

The Mighty Wurlitzer

Four-manual console. Picture: J. J. Riehle

Stop-keys for the great organ

May 22, 2004: Lang Lang visits the Mighty Wurlitzer.
Picture taken by Jörg Joachim Riehle

Transverse Flute in C, made of ivory (middle of the 18th century, according to sources once owned by Frederick the Great)

Transverse Flute, Cat.-No. 5076 (Flash)

Handwritten fingering chart for the transverse flute by Johann Joachim Quantz on which Frederick the Great notated his ownership, dated January 17, 1753.

Wind Instruments from Naumburg

Bombard, Cat.-No. 642 (Flash)

Crumhorns, Cat.-No. 670ff (Flash)

Fortepiano by Joseph Brodmann, Vienna, 1810 (from the ownership of Carl Maria Weber)

Brodmann Fortepiano, 1810, Cat.-No. 4073

»Bach-Harpsichord«, Germany, from the 2nd half of the 18th century

Replica of a »Bach-Harpsichord« by Horst Rase und Thomas Lerch, Berlin, 1995

Bach-Harpsichord, Cat.-No. 5614 (Flash)

Clavecin Brisé by Jean Marius, Paris, between 1700 and 1704

Clavecin Brisé, Cat.-No. 288 (Flash)

Glass Harmonica, unsigned, around 1810

Glass Harmonica, Cat.-No. 812 (Flash)

Organ, John and William Gray, London, 1815-20

Gray-Organ, Cat.-No. 5399 (Flash)