Among the main functions of the Musikinstrumenten-Museum are the preservation of the collections and the acquisition of new instruments. For this purpose, the museum employs four restorers, all of whom are trained instrument makers and experienced in the conservation and restoration of historical instruments. They take care of four instrument groups: keyboard instruments and mechanical musical instruments, bowed string instruments, plucked instruments, and woodwind and brass instruments (including percussion instruments). Research results are documented in restoration reports, photos and   technical drawings.

Whenever concerts in the series   Alte Musik - live are performed on playable original instruments from the collection, our restorers are responsible for paying attention to conservation.

In the course of extensive restoration projects our restorers occasionally build a   copy of an instrument - in case conservatorial considerations prohibit making the original instrument playable again. In that process, the original instrument is thoroughly studied, measured and documented by both our scientists and the restorers. If at all possible, the materials for the replica are identical with those of the original. Thus, the sound of the new instrument resembles that of the original to a great extent.

Contact:   MIM-Restoration Laboratories